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Publication List

Here is the full listing of our team publications, in antichronological order.

Research Papers



V.Longo, A.Hamja, S.Forget, S.Chénais
"80-μs pulsewidth from a circulation-free diode-pumped liquid organic laser limited by thermal blooming"

Opt. Express 31(14), 23533-23541 (2023)

A. Hamja, R. Florentin, S. Chénais, and S. Forget

"Highly photo-stable, kHz-repetition-rate, diode pumped circulation-free liquid dye laser with thermal lens management"
Applied Physics Letters 120, 113301 (2022)

T. Ishii, F. Bencheikh, S. Forget, S. Chénais, B.Heinrich, D. Kreher, L. Sosa Vargas, K. Miyata, K. Onda, T. Fujihara, S. Kéna-Cohen, F. Mathevet, and C. Adachi
“Enhanced light-matter interaction and polariton relaxation by the control of molecular orientation”
Advanced Optical Materials 2021, 9, 2101048. (2


Y. Hu, F. Bencheikh, S. Chénais, S. Forget, X. Liu, and C. Adachi
High Performance Planar Microcavity Organic Semiconductor Lasers Based on Thermally Evaporated Top Distributed Bragg Reflector
Applied Physics Letters – Editor’s pick - 117, 153301 (2020)


A.Hamja, S.Chénais and S.Forget,
Temporal dynamics of diode-pumped circulation-free liquid dye lasers
Journal of Applied Physics 128, 015501 (2020)


T. Gallinelli, A. Barbet, F. Druon, F. Balembois, P. Georges, T.Billeton, S. Chénais and S. Forget
Enhancing brightness of Lambertian light sources with luminescent concentrators: the light extraction issue
Optics Express Volume 27, issue 8, Pages 11830-11843 (2019)


P. Pichon, A. Barbet, D. Blengino, P. Legavre, T. Gallinelli, F. Druon, J.-P. Blanchot, F. Balembois, S. Forget, S. Chénais, P. Georges
High-radiance light sources with LED-pumped luminescent concentrators applied to pump Nd:YAG passively Q-switched laser”,
Optics and Laser Technology, Volume 96, Pages 7–12 (2017)


A.Barbet, A. Paul, T. Gallinelli, F. Balembois, J-P. Blanchot, S. Forget, S.Chénais, F.Druon, and P. Georges,
LED pumped luminescent concentrators: a new opportunity for low cost solid-state lasers
Optica 3, 465-468 (2016)


O. Mhibik, S. Chénais, S. Forget, C. Defranoux, S. Sanaur,
Inkjet-printed vertically-emitting solid-state organic lasers
Journal of Applied Physics, 119, 173101 (2016)


O. Mhibik, S. Forget, D. Ott, G. Venus, I. Divliansky, L. Glebov and S. Chénais
An ultra-narrow linewidth solution-processed organic laser
Light: Science & Applications 5, e16026 (2016)


I. Gozhyk, M. Boudreau, H. Rabbani Haghighi, N. Djellali, S. Forget, S. Chénais, C. Ulysse, A. Brosseau, R. Pansu, J.-F. Audibert, S. Gauvin, J. Zyss, and M. Lebental
Gain properties of dye-doped polymer thin films
Phys. Rev. B 92, 214202 (2015)


Z.Zhao, O.Mhibik, M.Nafa, S.Chenais and S. Forget,
High brightness diode pumped organic solid-state laser
Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 051112 (2015)


Z.Zhao, O.Mhibik, T.Leang, S. Forget and S.Chenais,
Thermal effects in thin-film organic solid-state lasers
Optics Express Vol. 22, Issue 24, pp. 30092-30107 (2014)


O.Mhibik, T.Leang, A.Siove, S. Forget and S.Chénais,
Low-cost broadly tunable (440-670 nm) solid-state organic laser with disposable capsules
Appl. Phys Lett.  102, 041112 (2013)


T. Jeon, B. Geffroy, D. Tondelier, Y. Bonnassieux, S. Forget, S. Chenais, and E. Ishow
"White organic light-emitting diodes with an ultra-thin premixed emitting layer"
Thin Solid Films, Volume 542, 2 September 2013, Pages 263-269 (2013)


I.Gozhyk, G.Clavier, R. Méallet-Renault, M.Dvorko, R. Pansu, J-F. Audibert, A. Brosseau, C.Lafargue, V.Tsvirkun, S.Lozenko,  S. Forget, S. Chenais, C. Ulysse, J. Zyss, M. Lebental.
An insight into polarization states of solid-state organic lasers
Physical Review A vol.86, 043817 (2012)


S.Chénais and S. Forget
Recent advances in solid-state organic lasers
Polymer International, Review paper, 61: 390–406 (2012)


H. Rabbani-Haghighi, S. Forget, A. Siove and S. Chénais
Analytical study of vertical external-cavity surface-emitting organic lasers”
The European Physical Journal Applied Physics, 56 , 34108 (2011)


H. Benisty, A. Degiron, A. Lupu, A. De Lustrac, S. Chénais, S. Forget, M. Besbes, Gr. Barbillon, A. Bruyant, S. Blaize, and G.Lérondel
Implementation of PT symmetric devices using plasmonics : principle and applications
Optics Express, Vol. 19, Issue 19, pp. 18004-18019 (2011)


S. Forget, H.Rabbani-Haghighi, N.Diffalah, A.Siove, S.Chenais
Tunable Ultraviolet Vertically-emitting Organic Laser
Applied Physics Letters, 98, 131102 (2011)


S. Forget, S.Chenais, H.Rabbani-Haghighi, A.Siove, D.Tondelier, B.Geffroy, I.Gozhyk, M.Lebental, E.Ishow
"Red-emitting fluorescent Organic Light emitting Diodes with low sensitivity to self-quenching
Journal of Applied Physics, 108, 064509 (2010)


H. Rabbani-Haghighi, S. Forget, S. Chénais, A. Siove
Highly-efficient, diffraction-limited laser emission from a Vertical External Cavity Surface-emitting Organic Laser
Optics Letters Vol. 35, Iss. 12, pp. 1968–1970 (2010)


H. Rabbani-Haghighi, S. Forget, S. Chénais, A. Siove, M-C. Castex, E. Ishow
Laser operation in nondoped thin films made of a small-molecule organic red-emitter
Applied Physics Letters 95, 033305 (2009)


M. Lebental, H. Choukri, S. Chénais, S. Forget, A. Siove, B. Geffroy et E. Tutis
Diffusion of triplet excitons in an operational Organic Light Emitting Diode
Physical Review B, 79, 165318 (2009)


S. Chenais, S. Forget
Comment on "Gain coefficient method  for amplified spontaneous emission in thin waveguided film of a conjugated polymer"” [APL 93, 163307 (2008)]
Applied Physics Letters 94, 106101 (2009)


S. Chénais, S. Forget, L. Philippet and M-C. Castex
Enhanced generation of VUV radiation by four-wave mixing in mercury using pulsed laser vaporization
Applied Physics B – 89 pp.223-229 (2007)


H. Choukri, A. Fischer, S. Forget, S. Chénais, M-C Castex, D. Adès, A. Siove, B. Geffroy
Doped and non-doped organic light-emitting diodes based on a yellow carbazole emitter into a blue-emitting matrix
Synthetic metals – 157 pp.198-204 (2007)


H. Choukri, A. Fischer, S. Forget, S. Chénais, M-C Castex, D. Adès, A. Siove, B. Geffroy
White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with fine chromaticity tuning via ultrathin layer position shifting
Applied Physics Letters, 89, 183513 (2006)


A.Fischer, S. Chénais, S. Forget, M.-C. Castex, D. Adès, A. Siove, C. Denis, P. Maisse and B. Geffroy,
Highly efficient multilayer organic pure blue light emitting diodes with substituted carbazoles compounds in the emitting layer
Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics  vol 39 pp. 917-922 (2006)


S. Forget, S. Chenais
Organic Solid-State Lasers
(2013) Springer series in optical science, vol. 175 - free preview here
169 pages, 88 illustrations.

Book Chapters

S. Forget, S. Chenais
Vertical External cavity organic lasers: state of the art and application perspectives.
"Organic Lasers: Fundamentals, Developments, and Applications" (Pan Stanford, eds M.Anni and S.Latante)

B.Geffroy, D.Vauffrey, S.Chenais and S.Forget,
OLEDs applications : displays, lighting and lasers » (p.153-199)
Molecular and Organic Electronic Devices, D.K Aswal and J.V.Yakhmi Editors., Serie Electrical Engineering Developments, Mars 2010
424 pages, Nova Science Pub Inc (publisher), ISBN-13:  9781608765942

S. Forget, S. Chénais and A. Siove
Polymer Light emitting diodes : materials, physical processes and devices
in Handbook of Photochemistry and Photophysics of Polymeric Materials, Norman S. Allen (editor), Wiley, 2009. (ISBN-10: 0470137967)

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